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Alle an Bord?
Copyright: © Nadia Budde

Children in the museum

Children are welcome at Günter Grass-House! Please step in and inspect the goods and products in our authentic, early 20th century general store. The illustrator and writer Nadia Budde developed the story »Alle an Bord? (All Aboard?)« specifically for our young visitors to explore the rest of our house. Capt'n Olek has lost track of his crew. Whoever manages to gather them all, from ship's cook to steersman, gets to play and climb around on the museum's wooden ship »Tulla« for as long as they like.

»ALL ABOARD« A children's rally through Günter Grass-House

Pick up your exhibition guide »All Aboard« at the museum shop. Small children can step onto a pedestal called »Kinder-Landungsbrücke (Children's Landing Bridge)« to have their personal copy handed over to them by the shop assistants.

Naddia Budde illustrated the exhibition guide and wrote the story that will take children on a tour through the entire museum. Each of the figures in the story is inspired by one of Günter Grass's animal motifs. The names are based on Grass's works, as well. The two ship's cooks, the »good eels with bad taste«, for example, are sitting in the potatoes at the general store.

Nadia Budde also provided the illustrations for the landing stage of the children's ship »Tulla«. Pictures of the crew members hang on the wall. Young and old guests are invited to read on board the wooden ship »Tulla« or to explore the equipment, such as a wheel, a periscope, and a speaking tube.
Can you discover and draw all figures on the premises of the Günter Grass-House? Then you may select a sticker from the museum shop to take home as a reward.