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FAQs Tour de Grass

Practical advice 

Please verify prior to tour start if you can generate a hotspot from your smartphone. You will need a stable internet connection throughout the trip.  

Please activate the vibrate mode on your smartphone. Deactivate the silent mode, if necessary.

We recommend you use a power bank for charging your smartphone on the way. The museum shop at the Günter Grass-Haus can provide a loan device against a deposit.

A bike phone mount for your handlebar is very useful for keeping an eye on the route.

There is a printed copy of the entire route map on the back of the »Tour de Grass« brochure. The brochures are available at the museum shop. You can also print out the brochure on our website.

The »Navigation« button in the map view of the app will switch to Google Maps to show the location of the nearest POI.


Are there costs for using the app?

No; the app is free to download in the official stores of Apple and Google.

How long is the route of the »Tour de Grass«?

The total length of the »Tour de Grass« is approximately 46 kilometers.

What is the condition and profile of the route?

The trails are occasionally unpaved, hilly, or uneven. There is a gradual ascent before Behlendorf. Cycling is not allowed on a few stretches of the route in the pedestrian zone of Lübeck's historic center. Please observe the traffic signs and rules.

From where can I start the »Tour de Grass«?

The Günter Grass-Haus in Lübeck or the Bahide-Arslan-Gang at the spa gardens (»Kurpark«) in Mölln, both in the historical town centers, are ideal starting points for the »Tour de Grass«. However, it is possible to start at any other station along the route. You can also pause your tour at any time and continue at a later point.

How long does it take to cycle from Lübeck to Mölln?

With a good level of fitness, it will take you an average of seven to eight hours to complete all 24 stations of the »Tour de Grass«. So the tour is suited for a day or weekend outing. You can also skip stations, of course.

Is there public transit to return from Mölln to Lübeck?

There is a »Regionalexpress« train leaving Mölln station for Lübeck Hauptbahnhof (main station) once an hour on weekdays. The train ride takes about 30 minutes.

Bus line 8710 runs every hour from the central bus station ZOB at Mölln station to the central bus station ZOB at Lübeck main station. The bus ride takes about one hour.

Where can we eat or buy food along the way?

There are a few inns along the Elbe-Lübeck Canal and supermarkets in Berkenthin and Mölln, where you can buy snacks. There are no stores in Behlendorf. You will find suitable rest areas with picnic tables along the way, for example at the »Kanalhering« in Berkenthin or at the beach on the lake in Behlendorf.

Are there user instructions for the app?

There is a tutorial to introduce you to the user interface and functions of »Tour de Grass« immediately after you start the app. These instructions are also available in the settings under the menu item »Tips for the app«.

Why does the map view in the app only show a grid?

If the map is not displayed properly and you only see a grid, your internet access was temporarily disconnected. Please check your internet connection.  

Why is my route no longer displayed in the app?

If you are too far away from the route, it is no longer shown in the map view. For orientation, please open the general overview map and return to the route or to the last POI.