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Günter Grass and the Baltic Sea

06.09.2020 to 22.11.2020

"How's the Baltic Sea? Blubb, blubb, blub..." (Günter Grass)

On the way to the beach on the Gdansk tram line 9, a high piled up castle of blobs, which collapses again hardly built up. Flint, feathers, shells or amber collected on the beach. Footprints in the sand washed around by the waves. The Baltic Sea runs through the entire work of Günter Grass. Everyday and short-lived are the small observations and moments that the graphic artist, painter, sculptor and Nobel Prize winner for literature captures in his work. Again and again he returns to the Baltic Sea in all its facets and as a leitmotif of his life. The aim is to discover Günter Grass's multifaceted, dazzling Baltic Sea world, which consists of images and words. Because: "A writing draughtsman is someone who doesn't change the ink."

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A-ROSA Resort Travemünde
Außenallee 10
23570 Lübeck

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