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Our work would not be possible without the valuable support from our sponsors.

Circle of Friends & supporters

The »Circle of Friends« support association »Freundeskreis Günter Grass-Haus Lübeck e.V.« was founded on 20 October 2004. Among its members are well-known personalities from culture, science, politics, and the media, as well as engaged citizens who participate actively in the museum's work and give important impulses.

The contributions from the Circle of Friends support the diverse range of work at the Günter Grass-Haus. They make it possible to organise exhibitions, events, publications, purchases, and specific educational offers for children.

Become a member of our Circle of Friends and enjoy exclusive benefits!

• You will be invited personally to all exhibition openings.
• Our curators will give you a guided tour of every new show.
• For your convenience, we will send you our programme by mail.
• You will be the first to be informed about the museum's exclusive editions of graphic works.
• And of course you will have free admission to all exhibitions of the Günter Grass-Haus.

Among the members of the Circle are René Böll, Heinrich Detering, Björn Engholm, Benjamin Lebert, Eva Menasse, Günter Netzer, Luk Perceval, Moritz Rinke, Denis Scheck, Volker Schlöndorff, Gerhard Schröder, Klaus Staeck, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Ulrich Wickert and Feridun Zaimoglu.

You can download the flyer of the »Freundeskreis« HERE.

Board of trustees

The Günter Grass-House board of trustees joins all those who are close to the work of our museum, and who document this with their annual support membership fee of €600.00. The membership is purchased on a yearly basis. The board members moreover serve as contact for the museum's management when it comes to realising special projects. The trustees are invited once a year to an exclusive event, and they have free admission to all museum events. Everyone interested is welcome. Please contact Museum Director Dr. Jörg-Philipp Thomsa.