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© Orhan Pamuk / Steidl Verlag

»Balkon« and »Orange« Photographs by Orhan Pamuk

07.10.2020 to 27.06.2021

The Nobel Prize Winner in Literature Orhan Pamuk is also a passionate photographer. From his balcony, he photographed the impressive panorama of the metropolis of Istanbul on the Bosporus. Steidl Verlag is publishing these pictures in the photo book »Balkon«, German for »Balcony«. Another recent photo book by Pamuk takes its title »Orange« from the warm, orange-coloured light of street lamps. Pamuk photographed at dusk while roaming the streets of his childhood. The orange light of Istanbul nights familiar to him, however, is gradually disappearing and being replaced by cold, glaring lights. The exhibition curated by Gerhard Steidl offers fascinating insights into Orhan Pamuk's photographic work.


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